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T55 Flour: Essential Uses and Benefits for Bakers - Featuring Grands Moulins de Paris

What is T55 Flour?

T55 flour is a type of French flour commonly known as an all-purpose or bread flour. The "T" stands for "type," and the number 55 indicates the amount of mineral content left in the flour after milling. Specifically, T55 flour contains approximately 0.55% ash (mineral content) per 100 grams of dry matter. This classification system is unique to France and helps bakers understand the flour's characteristics and suitability for different baking applications.

Main Usage of T55 Flour

Bread Making

T55 flour is particularly well-suited for making a variety of breads, including:

  • Baguettes: The quintessential French bread, baguettes require a flour that can create a crisp crust and airy, chewy interior. T55 flour's protein content and gluten-forming properties make it ideal for this purpose.

  • Boules and Batards: These traditional round and oval loaves also benefit from the structure and texture provided by T55 flour, resulting in a satisfying crumb and crust.

Pastries and Doughs

While T45 flour is often preferred for delicate pastries, T55 flour is versatile enough to be used in:

  • Croissants and Danish Pastries: When a slightly stronger flour is needed to support the layers of butter and dough, T55 can be a suitable choice, providing a balance between flakiness and structure.

  • Pizza Dough: The moderate protein content of T55 flour makes it an excellent choice for pizza dough, allowing for a crispy crust with a slight chew.

Everyday Baking

T55 flour is also used for various other baked goods, such as:

  • Quiches and Savory Tarts: The strength of T55 flour helps create a crust that holds its shape and provides a pleasant texture.

  • Biscuits and Cookies: While not as common as pastry or cake flours for these items, T55 can still be used to produce slightly sturdier cookies and biscuits.


One of the most renowned brands of French flour, particularly T55 flour, is Grands Moulins de Paris. Established in 1919, Grands Moulins de Paris has become synonymous with high-quality flour, known for its consistency and superior baking properties. Bakers around the world trust this brand for its exceptional performance in both traditional and modern recipes. Their T55 flour is a staple in many bakeries, offering the perfect balance of strength and finesse required for artisanal bread and pastries.


T55 flour is a versatile and widely used flour in French baking, ideal for bread making and a variety of other baked goods. Its balanced protein content and mineral composition make it a go-to choice for achieving the perfect texture and structure in traditional French breads and pastries. Brands like Grands Moulins de Paris ensure that bakers have access to the highest quality T55 flour, ensuring excellent results every time. Whether you're baking baguettes, croissants, or everyday baked goods, T55 flour offers the consistency and quality needed for superb baking outcomes.

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