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Coffee Bean & Powder

Coffee Bean and Coffee Roaster Wholesalers

As a trusted coffee bean wholesaler, Foodgears is your go-to source for a diverse selection of premium coffee beans. We offer an extensive range of options to cater to the unique preferences and tastes of our clients.

Our coffee bean products are sourced from multiple coffee roaster brands worldwide for wholesale purchase. Our collection includes Orli Coffeeworks' aromatic varieties like Brown Hills, Ringo 6, 6 Hop Street, and Orli Ruber One, as well as convenient drip coffee bags in enticing flavors such as Yirgacheffe, Blue Mountain, and Colombia. We also proudly feature renowned Australian brand Vittoria's organic Rainforest, C/Stelle, Oro, Nero, Espresso, and Delta coffee beans, catering to the needs of wholesale buyers. 

For those seeking decaffeinated options, Vittoria's Espresso Decaffeinated and Decaffeinated Gourmet Ground varieties are also available.

Orli Coffeeworks Brand

Orli Coffeeworks, a premium coffee brand offered by Foodgears for wholesale orders, combines the essence of local Hong Kong craftsmanship with inspiration from Australia's independent coffee culture, resulting in a distinctive and remarkable range of coffee beans. 

Meticulously sourcing only the finest coffee varieties from around the world, Orli Coffeeworks ensures exceptional taste and quality in their products. Their team of experts brings passion to every roast, developing ideal and precise roasting profiles for each bean through multiple coffee cupping processes. This dedication guarantees consistently exceptional flavors and aromas in every cup.


Orli Coffeeworks sets a high bar for excellence with a relentless commitment to serving top-notch coffee. Their range of coffee beans satisfies even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts, whether brewed at home or at a cafe. Experience premium quality and a unique blend of local craftsmanship and inspiration from Australia's independent coffee culture with Orli Coffeeworks, available now at Foodgears.

How We Choose Coffee Brands for Wholesale

At Foodgears, we meticulously select coffee brands for wholesale based on quality, flavor, craftsmanship, and sustainability. We prioritize brands that meet our high standards of bean quality, diverse flavor profiles, and expert roasting techniques. Ethical sourcing and customer satisfaction are also essential considerations. By curating a collection of exceptional coffee brands, we ensure our wholesale partners have access to the finest coffees available.

Choose Foodgears as Your Coffee Bean Wholesaler

Choose Foodgears as your coffee bean wholesaler and elevate your business with our commitment to excellence, market trend awareness, and reliable service. 

With us, businesses can confidently offer customers an exceptional coffee experience. We stay ahead of market trends, delivering high-quality coffee beans that cater to diverse needs. Our reliable and flexible service ensures consistent support and allows you to access a wide range of exceptional brands, including single-origin beans and specialty coffees. Trust Foodgears to drive your business forward with excellence.

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