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Gourmet Meal

About Foodgears

Foodgears Industrial International Ltd. was established in 1999 and is an importer, distributor, and marketer who aims to provide high-quality food and beverage products to different markets. We provide our clients with the most suitable and contemporary solutions by sharing our market insight and expertise in the products.


Variety of products and services


In past decades, we started from dairy and kept expanding to various product categories such as meat, beverage, grocery, and frozen dessert. At the same time, Foodgears has developed several OEM brands to keep up with the market trend and offer alternative product solutions to our clients.


Business expansion


A comprehensive sales network has been given us a chance to reach clients in different segments, including hotels, catering groups, restaurants, cafés, and supermarkets. We continuously develop our network in China and expanse to Southeast Asia. Foodgears has operated offices in tier-one cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Recently, we have established a business office in Singapore to cover the market in countries of ASEAN.


Our culture


Foodgears would not be successful without the hard work and contribution of our team. We care about our staff by encouraging them to reach their potential, and provide different supports to develop their knowledge and skill throughout their careers.







Developing OEM Brands

Oligold - Dairy Specialist

OrliCoffee Workshop – Coffee roasting Brand from Hong Kong

Opening office in Singapore

Accessing E-commerce platform in China

Opening offices in Beijing and Shanghai

Foodgears Industrial International Ltd. established in Hong Kong

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