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Discover the Versatility of T45 Flour: Perfect for Pastries, Cakes, and Delicate Doughs

What is T45 Flour?

T45 flour, also known as "soft flour" or "pâtisserie flour," is a finely milled French flour with a low protein content. The "T" stands for "type," and the number 45 refers to the ash content, with T45 having approximately 0.45% ash. This type of flour is specially designed for delicate and refined baking.

Characteristics of T45 Flour

  • Fine Milling Process: T45 flour is milled to a very fine texture, making it smooth and powdery. This ensures a uniform and consistent product in baked goods.

  • Low Protein Content: Typically around 8-9%, which is crucial for creating tender and light textures in pastries and cakes.

  • Weak Gluten Strength: This helps produce a delicate crumb, perfect for fine pastries.

Main Uses of T45 Flour

Pastries and Confectionery

T45 flour is ideal for making classic French pastries such as:

  • Croissants: Ensures flaky, buttery layers.

  • Éclairs and Choux Pastry: Provides the lightness needed for airy and crisp results.

Cakes and Cookies

Perfect for creating tender baked goods like:

  • Genoise and Sponge Cakes: Maintains a light and airy structure.

  • Shortbread and Butter Cookies: Produces a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Delicate Doughs

Excellent for:

  • Tart and Pie Crusts: Creates a tender and flaky base.

  • Biscuits: Ensures light and crumbly biscuits.

Why Choose Grands Moulins de Paris?

Grands Moulins de Paris is one of the most renowned brands of French flour, known for its high quality and consistency. Their T45 flour is trusted by professional bakers and pastry chefs worldwide for its superior performance in delicate baking.


T45 flour is a must-have for any baker looking to create delicate, light, and tender baked goods. Its fine milling and low protein content make it perfect for pastries, cakes, and other refined baking applications. For the best results, consider using T45 flour from Grands Moulins de Paris, a brand synonymous with quality and excellence in the baking industry.

Explore the diverse applications of T45 flour and elevate your baking with Grands Moulins de Paris.

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