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French Flour ep.2 : T45 Flour

T45 flour is a type of wheat flour that is commonly used in baking and pastry making. It is a finely milled flour with a low protein content, typically ranging between 8% to 10%. The "T" in T45 refers to the French word "Type," which classifies flours based on their ash content. T45 flour has a lower ash content compared to other types of flour, indicating that it has been more refined.

Wheat Variety: T45 flour is typically made from soft wheat varieties. Soft wheat has a lower protein content compared to hard wheat, which is used to produce flours with higher protein content like bread flour.

Gluten Formation: The low protein content in T45 flour results in less gluten formation when mixed with liquid. Gluten is a protein that gives structure and elasticity to dough. With T45 flour, the reduced gluten formation contributes to a more tender and delicate texture in baked goods.

Ash Content: The "T" classification system for flours is based on their ash content, which represents the mineral content of the flour. T45 flour has a lower ash content compared to other types, indicating that it has undergone more refining and has a finer texture.

Pastry and Baking Applications: T45 flour is particularly well-suited for recipes that require a light and delicate texture, such as cakes, pastries, and biscuits. It is commonly used in French baking for making croissants, brioche, puff pastry, and other delicate pastries.

Substitutions: If T45 flour is not available, you can use alternatives like cake flour or pastry flour, which also have low protein content. These flours can be used as substitutes in recipes that call for T45 flour, although there may be slight differences in the final texture and structure of the baked goods.

Availability: T45 flour is more commonly found in France and European countries where it is widely used in baking and pastry making. In other parts of the world, it may be more challenging to find T45 flour specifically, but you can often find similar low-protein flours that can be used as substitutes.

Remember that the choice of flour in baking plays a significant role in the texture and structure of the final product. While T45 flour is favored for certain recipes and culinary traditions, there are various types of flours available, each with its own unique characteristics and applications.

French miller since 1919, Grands Moulins de Paris selects the best French wheat to produce quality french flours and milling mixes. We promote French bakery know-how, notably through the consumer brands Francine and Campaillette, as well as in 65 countries around the world. We are proud to belong to the 10,000 farmers in the North-East of France, owners of the VIVESCIA cooperative group, who carefully cultivate the grain.

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