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French Flour : Intro of French Flour

Updated: May 23

French flour is highly regarded for its excellent quality and is used by bakers and pastry chefs around the world. It is made from soft wheat, which has less gluten and is great for making delicate pastries, cakes, and breads with a light and tender texture.

There are different types of French flour, each suited for specific recipes:

Pastry Flour (Type 45): This finely milled flour has low protein content and is perfect for making delicate pastries, cakes, and biscuits.

All-Purpose Flour (Type 55): This is the most common type of French flour. It has slightly higher protein content and is suitable for a wide range of baking, including bread, puff pastry, and some cakes.

Bread Flour (Type 65): This flour is used for traditional French bread, like baguettes. It has a higher protein content, providing a chewy texture and crispy crust.

Semi-Whole Wheat Flour (Type 80 and Type 110): These flours have a higher bran content and are used for bread, adding a nutty flavor and denser texture.

French miller since 1919, Grands Moulins de Paris selects the best French wheat to produce quality french flours and milling mixes. We promote French bakery know-how, notably through the consumer brands Francine and Campaillette, as well as in 65 countries around the world. We are proud to belong to the 10,000 farmers in the North-East of France, owners of the VIVESCIA cooperative group, who carefully cultivate the grain.

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