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Dairy Milk topic ep.1 : What makes Australian Dairy Milk special pt.1

There are several factors that contribute to the high quality and reputation of Australian milk:

  1. Strict regulations and quality control: The Australian dairy industry is highly regulated and has strict quality control measures in place to ensure that milk is safe and free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. This includes regular testing of milk to ensure that it meets strict standards for food safety and quality.

  2. Pasture-raised cows: Most cows in Australia are raised on pasture, which means they graze on grass and other plants in open fields. This type of farming is considered to be more sustainable and humane than factory farming, and it can also lead to milk with a higher nutritional content.

  3. Clean environment: Australia has a reputation for having a clean and pristine environment, which can contribute to the quality of milk produced in the country. The cows have access to clean water and are not exposed to pollutants or other toxins that could affect the quality of the milk.

  4. High standards of animal welfare: The Australian dairy industry has high standards of animal welfare, which means that cows are well-cared for and treated humanely. This can have a positive impact on the quality and flavor of the milk produced.

Overall, the combination of strict regulations, pasture-raised cows, a clean environment, and high standards of animal welfare all contribute to making Australian milk special and highly regarded.

O'Lait is 100% fresh Australian milk brand designed for the export market. From an award-winning supplier*, O’Lait uses the latest ESL systems to ensure that their milk has a great fresh taste and smooth creamy texture that makes the perfect café latte.

Every 100ml of O'Lait fresh milk comes from Australian cows and contains a minimum of 114mg of calcium for strong bone development.

Milk product in Foodgears :

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