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Chocolate Flavor Evaluation - Positive Tastes

Chocolate has a diverse range of flavors, but has long lacked a flavor chart similar to that of wine or coffee. In recent years, some people have developed flavor charts for chocolate, but they have lacked points of connection and indicators. Martin Christy, a tutor from the International Institute of Chocolate & Cacao Tasting (IICCT), the organizer of the International Chocolate Awards (ICA), has developed a system for evaluating chocolate flavors.

The flavor chart is divided into positive and negative sides. The positive side has the X-axis representing tannins (left) and acidity (right), while the Y-axis represents the degree of roasting and the amount of polyphenols (top for light roast, bottom for dark roast). The chart is divided into four regions: Herbal/Spicy, Fruity, Dark Sweet, and Vegetal.

The center is the chocolate's original flavor, forming five regions. Each region has different coordinate points to help learners better connect with the flavors.

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