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法国〔巴黎大磨坊〕优质小麦面粉 T55 - 面包,法国

法国〔巴黎大磨坊〕优质小麦面粉 T55 - 面包,法国

SKU: 42001774

Interested in making bread and pastries but unsure how to choose from the wide range of baking ingredients available on the market? Consider the world's oldest flour producer, Grands Moulins Paris (GMP), located in France. Grands Moulins Paris offers a comprehensive product line, including high-quality flour that caters to your baking needs, whether it's for home baking or large-scale production.

If you're looking to make European or French-style bread and pastries, GMP's T55 flour is undoubtedly your best choice. Read on to learn how GMP's T55 wheat flour can help you create delicious bread and pastries.

  • Brand Introduction

    Steeped in history and renowned worldwide, Grands Moulins Paris (GMP) is a flour producer located in France. Since 1919, GMP has been engaged in the flour business and has grown to become one of the oldest and most esteemed flour producers globally. As a prestigious European flour dynasty, Grands Moulins Paris has dedicated itself to crafting high-quality French flour over the years.

  • Product Features

    T55 flour, the preferred choice of French bakers, undergoes a slow milling process and special treatment. Its pale golden color indicates that no bleaching agents have been added, ensuring the preservation of minerals and vitamin B found in the wheat bran. As a result, bread and pastries made with T55 flour possess a rich and intense wheat aroma, along with a sweet taste. It is the go-to ingredient for French bakers when making traditional French bread. T55 flour falls into the medium-gluten category, making it versatile and widely used in both baking and cooking. It is suitable for various products such as baguettes, European-style bread, cookies, cakes, and pastry crusts.

  • Product Details

    Among the six different types of French flour, T55 flour is the most versatile. In Hong Kong, we are accustomed to categorizing flour into low, medium, and high gluten based on protein content. However, in France, flour can have varying protein content due to differences in wheat origin, season, and batch. Therefore, the French classify flour based on the "ash content" it contains, which indicates different characteristics of the flour.

    French flour is generally classified into six types: T45, T55, T65, T80, T110, and T150. The number following the "T" represents the amount of ash content in the flour. The higher the number, the higher the ash content, and the darker the flour color, resulting in a more pronounced wheat aroma.

    Each type of flour is suitable for specific bread and pastry recipes. The three most commonly used French flours are T45, T55, and T65. T45 flour has an ash content of less than 0.5% and retains the wheat aroma without being overshadowed by butter. It is suitable for making rich, high-sugar bread and pastries. On the other hand, T65 flour has a higher ash content compared to T55 flour, resulting in a darker color. It is ideal for making French baguettes that require long fermentation.

    As for T55 flour, it has an ash content ranging from 0.5% to 0.6%. Its moderate fineness makes it more versatile compared to other types of French flour. It has a more pronounced wheat aroma compared to medium-gluten flours from other origins, making it perfect for both baking and cooking purposes.

  • Foodgears: Diverse Food Ingredient Supply in HK

    From baking materials to food ingredient supply, FoodGears has been sourcing the highest quality and most innovative products since its establishment, bringing superior ingredients to clients in the food and beverage industry. To cater to the ever-changing restaurant market, we continuously expand our product range to provide customers with a diverse and abundant selection of food ingredients. If you would like to learn more about the flour products from Grands Moulins Paris in France, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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