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Espresso Coffee Machine

B2B Commercial Coffee Machine  Supplier

Commercial coffee machines are indispensable for a successful restaurant and enterprise. A cup of smooth, fragrant and mellow coffee can keep diners coming to the restaurant and make company employees more motivated to work. Astoria is a coffee machine manufacturing company with a long history. It has been keeping pace with the times and making continuous progress for 50 years, with the goal of bringing high-quality, traditional Italian coffee to every customer. Below, FoodGears will introduce you to Astoria’s brand story in detail and how Astoria coffee machines meet the needs of different commercial customers.

Brand Story

Astoria originated from a small town in Treviso in northern Italy in 1969. It was born when a group of craftsmen came up with the idea of ​​​​a coffee machine. With their shared passion and vitality for Italian coffee, they have been facing continuous progress. challenges posed by the coffee market. Astoria has been constantly innovating and improving every day for 50 years, striving to bring the highest quality Italian coffee to every customer. Astoria has grown from a small handicraft business to a world-renowned company today, with its business expanding to more than 150 countries around the world. They choose Astoria because of the brand's reliability, design and dedication to detail. Astoria has never stopped, insisting on creating professional coffee machines made in Italy, equipped with the latest technology, and pursuing excellence.

Astoria Coffee Machines Offer a Wide Range of Choices

Meet different venues and business needs

Astoria's professional coffee machines match different functions and provide guaranteed products and equipment to meet the needs of different customers for places and businesses, making them suitable for any type of business. Astoria presents the tradition of Italian espresso with technology at its core. Their diversified coffee machine series ensures consistency and high-quality coffee products.

Astoria TEMPESTA Commercial Coffee Machine

Whether you are in an office or restaurant, Astoria TEMPESTA's commercial coffee machines are definitely your best choice! TEMPESTA coffee machines combine performance, durability and versatility, using a multi-boiler design and PID controller to ensure coffee and steam are at optimal temperatures. The construction is durable and uses high-quality parts to achieve precise temperature control for efficient brewing and steaming. TEMPESTA has two models to choose from. Different functional options can also be customized according to business needs. In addition, it is easy to use and maintain, making it a popular choice for restaurants and businesses.

Hong Kong Astoria Coffee Machine Supplier: FoodGears

A reliable and high-performance commercial coffee machine can help you present your corporate taste, provide customers with excellent service and a rich and mellow taste. Astoria has been committed to meeting the needs of customers for many years and providing the highest quality coffee service. is your best choice.

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